Review: Pokémon X and Y

Platform: 3DS
Release: 2013

Every Nintendo handheld gets its own Pokémon adventure, but does X and Y spice up the Poké-formula enough to capture fans new and old?

Traditionally each Pokémon generation has introduced a couple new features and improvements, and X and Y are no exceptions. All of the monsters are now in 3D, getting rid of the sprite based design the series has used for over 20 years. Mega Evolution has also been added, in which certain Pokémon can now evolve one step further in battle, thus increasing their stats and changing their appearance. For many years gamers have complained that the series was becoming stale, so its great to see Game Freak not afraid in mixing up the formula.

There are 69 new Pokémon to be caught bringing the total number to 718. Overall the new monsters are interesting and unique enough to be added to the roster. I even found myself using the X and Y Pokemon more than ones from previous generations.

The main quest weights in at roughly 25 hours and features a strong, engaging story. Unlike previous Pokémon stories, X and Y gives your player a group of friends, these characters help advance the story and makes the game world feel more personal and real. Apart from that you still follow the tried and true formula of beating 8 gym leaders, conquering the Elite 4, and thwarting the plans of an evil organisation.

Even though the main story can be ploughed through with relative ease (thanks exp. share!), the real challenge comes with completing the Pokédex and creating a perfect team. Once you get a team you are comfortable with you can challenge friends and strangers to battles over wifi.

2013 has been an amazing year for the 3DS and Pokémon X and Y is no exception. A must have for every Pokéfan or anyone that enjoys role-playing games.

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