Making a Cork Mat for Your Record Player



Most record players when purchased tend to come with a flimsy mat. When I purchased my Pro-Ject Debut III it came with a thin fabric one that just loved to leave dust and fibres on all the records it touched, not to mention the increased static. Upon searching for a suitable replacement many people on forums and reddit recommended a cork mat. Not only does it not attract a static charge but apparently it can also enhance the sound of your player. Curious I looked up on Amazon, eBay and others to find one to purchase. Pro-Ject sells their own one for £20, with many other companies asking similar prices. Cork is hardly an expensive material so I decided to make my own.

Over at this blog there is a great guide on how to do this, with materials easily found around the home. If you live near an IKEA you can purchase 4 lots of 32x32cm cork boards for €4.99/£3.50/$3.99. If you mess up you have spares and for that price you can’t complain. Not only is it large enough to make a suitable replacement mat but it is also the perfect thickness, at roughly 3mm.

I mostly followed that guide, but used scissors to cut it out and sandpaper to round off the edges to give it a more professional, clean look.

Why not give it a go!