Guide: Making Custom Cases For Games With 8 Way DVD Cases

A lot of game collectors are aware of The Cover Project, a fantastic place to print off user made replacement covers for new and old games. But these tend to only fit in specific cases, mainly Universal Game Cases (UGC) for carts and DS cases for portable games. But lets say you want to make new homes for some or all of your cart based games and either can’t afford UGCs, or like myself live somewhere where they aren’t available without a substantial price markup.

Over at the penny-arcade forum one user found out that double wide dvd cases make near enough perfect replacements. They share practically the same dimensions as UGCs and are available at a fraction of the cost. For around £25 you can pick up a box of 50 from eBay.


Once you have the cases you are ready to download some covers, so go head on over to The Cover Project. You are going to want to find covers made for UGCs.



Get the correct cover for your region and make sure Case Type is Universal Game Case. There may be a chance that a game you own doesn’t already have a cover created  for it, in which case you will have to go searching around on their forum. And if all else fails you can find templates to make your own.

Next step is printing. For my games I used normal glossy photo paper, some people use standard thickness paper but if printing on a printer at home the overall finished quality may be a bit too low. If you don’t have a printer or would rather have someone else print them for you could try a local Staples, photo store, or anywhere really where they allow you to print. Word of caution, if you expect to be able to just stroll in and get these covers printed without any fuss, think again. Some places will not allow you due to copyright restrictions.

I printed all of mine at home, mainly because of convenience. I found that printing at 101% size perfect for the 8 wide DVD cases and ensure a nice tight fit. When trimming the excess paper it’s paramount that you get a clean cut the first go, you don’t want a white border around the cover. Going back for a second trim can cause the paper to fray especially if you just want to remove a tiny part. It’s best to use a paper trimmer for this, or if you have a steady hand a hobby knife and a ruler.

Got your cover all cut out? Great! Now for the best part. Slide in your fancy new custom cover into its new home, close it up and bask in its magnificence. Oh, but wait, what do we do with the insides and how do we fit the game in? As these are DVD cases for 8 discs, there are… well, 8 spaces for discs. These can be easily removed by gently pulling near the spine. Try to be careful that you don’t rip them out with too much force as you don’t want the plastic cracking.


Once the inserts are gone you will find yourself with a case that can easily house most cart based games. If you would rather that the carts were not loose inside you can create a holder out of foam board or some other similar material. To do this I just made an outline of the game and used a hobby knife to cut out the inside. Put some glue on the back to affix it to the case and voila! It may not be as quite as snug as a UGC but it gets the job done, and with the case closed the game won’t be able to move around freely.

There you have it, how to make stunning looking cases for your loose games.


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