10 years and 150,000 Scrobbles Later


I signed up for Last.fm in 2006 and have just hit 150,000 scrobbles (track plays). This works out to just about 40 songs played per day, which seems like a lot to me.  During the 10 years I have been on Last.fm my music taste has changed a fair amount and I have discovered heaps of new artists and genres to listen to.

Back when I started using the service I was only 15 years old and nearing the end of secondary school. During both years of college I would listen to music whenever I wasn’t sleeping or in class and every song was scrobbled to Last.fm from iTunes. It became an obsession to make sure however I was listening to music that it would be sent to the servers at Last.fm, and to a degree that still stands today. Be it on a desktop or mobile client you can be sure that scrobbling has been set up. I love stat tracking and Last.fm is the best way for music lovers to do this ever since its creation. Even though Last.fm has been having some problems recently (fall in revenues), it fills a niche that would be hard to replace if it ever were to go away.

Here are some stats about what I have listened to after 150,000 scrobbles:

  • Most played artist: Radiohead with 8,551 plays.
  • Most played album: Silent Alarm by Bloc Party with 1,598 plays.
  • Most played track: Babies by Pulp with 189 plays.

Here’s to a hopeful next 150,000 plays.

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