Revisiting the Game Boy Camera

Back when we were younger, my brother received a Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer for a birthday or Christmas. It was always fascinating how we could capture and print our own photos, especially due to how uncommon and expensive digital cameras were back then. It’s now 2017 and everyone has a device capable of taking

Picross: My Recent Obsession

I adore puzzle games. From classics such as Tetris to more recent games like Pushmo and Professor Layton; I just can’t get enough. Whether it be games with simple mechanics or ones with involved, complicated rules that really make you think, there is nothing more satisfying as finally working out a puzzle after working on it

10 years and 150,000 Scrobbles Later

I signed up for in 2006 and have just hit 150,000 scrobbles (track plays). This works out to just about 40 songs played per day, which seems like a lot to me.  During the 10 years I have been on my music taste has changed a fair amount and I have discovered heaps of

Making a Cork Mat for Your Record Player

  Most record players when purchased tend to come with a flimsy mat. When I purchased my Pro-Ject Debut III it came with a thin fabric one that just loved to leave dust and fibres on all the records it touched, not to mention the increased static. Upon searching for a suitable replacement many people on forums

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